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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Virtual University MS(CS) Course Selection Fall 2013

 MS(CS)  Course Selection Fall 2013

All MS(CS) students are required to select courses for Fall 2013 semester from the following list of offered courses and email their selected courses at till October 14, 2013. Students may add/drop course(s) on or before November 7, 2013.

                                                Fall 2013 Semester Courses

Course Code           Course Title                               Pre Requisite         Credit Hours             Specialization
CS701          Theory of Computation                            MTH202                     3                          Requisite

CS702    Advanced Algorithm Analysis and Design       CS502                        3                         Requisite

CS706        Software Quality Assurance                        CS504                       3          Software Engineering

CS709  Formal Methods for Software Engineering       MTH202                     3          Software Engineering

CS710     Mobile and Pervasive Computing                   CS610                       3         Computer Networks

CS718          Wireless Networks                                   CS610                       3         Computer Networks

CS723    Probability and Stochastic Processes              MTH101                    3          Computer Networks

CS712       Distributed DBMS                                      CS403                        3                 Optional
[Offered to students who want to improve their grade in this course]

CS720              Thesis                                                                                    6                  Requisite

General Rules :-

1.      In order to fulfill MS(CS) degree requirements, a student is required to pass all the four core/requisite courses, four specialization courses in his/her selected area of specialization and defend his/her research thesis.
2.      A student can enroll in an MS level course only if he/she has taken all pre-requisites for that particular course.
3.      In a semester, a student can enroll up to four MS level courses, i.e. 12 MS level credit hours. There is no restriction on the number of pre-requisite courses.
4.      A student may attempt to improve a 'C' or 'D' grade in a course at most twice.
5.      A student is eligible to enroll in thesis if he/she has completed 21 MS level credit hours course work with minimum CGPA of 2.75.

Commencement of Classes:-

Please note that Fall 2013 semester will start from 28th October, 2013.

If you have any query related to MS(CS) course selection, kindly contact us at


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