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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

HRM624 - Conflict Management gdb idea solution November 2013

HRM624 - Conflict Management
Graded disscusion board

Total Marks 10
Starting Date Tuesday, November 26, 2013
Closing Date Thursday, November 28, 2013


Traffic officer addressed to Waseem; who has violated a major traffic rule while traveling on Ring Road, Lahore:

‘Can I see your driving license?’  Waseem replied, ‘What might be the problem officer, have I done something wrong?’ Officer replied, ‘yes of course, you exited from the main ring road and then returned back from the same exit point driving in the wrong direction. You are not allowed to do that, are you not aware? ’

‘Yes, I am aware!  But, there was no option for me. I got confused of the wrong sign board and exited in a hurry, replied Waseem. There was no entrance sign board to go back on the main ring road so I thought of returning back after reviewing the way to be safe’, he added. Officer in an agitated mood grumbled, ‘it is a major violation of traffic rules and I would not accept any explanation, you could have asked some one for directions. That is why we are here for. Now, I have no other option to charge you with a violation ticket (fine)’. 

Waseem pleaded to further clarify his point of view that since he is new to Ring Road system, therefore requested the officer to let him go without any fine as it was un-intentional. Waseem further pleaded ‘I am a responsible driver and possess a valid driving license’. I promise that I would not commit such a foolish mistake in future. It was confusing and I had little time to act’.


Analyzing the above scenario and relating it to the topic of sources of conflict, in which conflict categories do the traffic sergeant and Waseem fall? Provide relevant explanation.

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