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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

MGT502 Organizational Behaviour Non graded Assignment No.01 Solution fall 2013

MGT502- Organizational Behaviour
Assignment No.01 Solution fall 2013

MARKS: 20 
Lesson: 01 - 08

Topic: Diverse Workforce

Learning Objectives:

The prime objective of this assignment is to know about diversity and diverse workforce.

Learning Outcome

1. After attempting this activity, you will be able to know diverse workforce and organisational culture.
2. You will be able to know challenges faced by organisation in diverse workforce.
3. You will be able to know diverse workforce bring creativity and innovation in the organisation.

The Background

Workforce has diversified work place all over the world as well as in Pakistan due to globalization, emerging minorities, multi-generation and multi-culturism. People from different countries and cities with different culture, race and religion combine and work together which creates differences among employees in terms of thinking, norms, values and religion. Managing workforce diversity is to handle the diversified workforce. Due to diversified workforce the differences like age, culture, disabilities, race, religion, and gender has emerged in Pakistani organisations. Pakistan is multi cultural, religion, sects, and races country including four provinces, Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu Kashmir. Due to it, diverse workforce is in public and private sector organisations of Pakistan. The state laws protect employees from job discrimination, meaning employers are generally prohibited from considering factors like race, gender and nationality when making hiring decisions. Instead, organisations must hire candidates based on relevant skills, education, experience and aptitude.

The Requirements:

1. Look around your organisation. In what ways does it reflect diversity in the workforce? 10 marks

2. Describe the organisational culture that seems to exist in your organisation. What are some of the implicit or explicit norms and values exist in your organisation? 10 marks

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