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Saturday, 23 November 2013

PSY405 - Personality Psychology Solution of Assignment No. 01 on November fall 2013

 PSY405 Personality Psychology 
Assignment No. 01
 Solution 2013

Due Date: November 26
Marks: 20


    Upon the completion of this assignment, students will learn:

· How to critically analyze a personality characteristics of a hero

· It will be a source of inspiration for students

In this assignment you are required to analyze the personality of famous talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist “Oprah Winfery”. Go to the given profile’s link of Oprah Winfery on Wikipedia. You are supposed to read the whole profile and analyze her personality according to given instructions:

Link for Oprah Winfery profile

Report on Personality analysis:

1. Strengths: (5)

In the first part of assignment you are required to describe the personality strengths of Oprah Winfery. Secondly you are also required to describe how her strengths helped her in becoming what she is today.

2. Weaknesses: (5)

In the second part of your assignments you are required to describe the weaknesses of Oprah’s personality. Also describe how she has dealt with her weaknesses.

3. Opportunities: (5)

In the third part describe how she converted some events of her life into opportunities. Discuss in detail her opportunities and her way to gain maximum out of that opportunity.

4. View: (5)

In last part conclude what you have learned from this assignment. Did you learn anything important? 

Best of luck

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